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Vewlix VLX Plans

If you’ve been following the videos of me building my Vewlix VLX cabinet on my You Tube channel, this is where you can find the plans to make your own.

FREE Street Fighter x Tekken ‘Mobile Moves’ List Web App

I’ve created a free Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile Moves list web application that you can run from any mobile device’s web browser and even add to your home screen to function like a native application.

Vewlix Tournament Edition Worklog 08

After 2 years, I’m back with another Worklog. Spurred on by my Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition move list translation, I went about creating the marquee for the cabinet.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition English Move Lists

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is here! Download translated/localized move lists for your Vewlix or Vewlix Tournament Edition.

Want a Custom Vewlix kit? Ask Kray.

Kray in Fort Worth, Texas seems to be selling custom, CNCed Vewlix kits. Check him out!

PDF of Vewlix Tournament Edition Plans

I promised to make some PDF Vewlix Tournament Edition Plans, but thankfully I didn’t need to as at the same time Chris (x24) offered to send me the ones he made.

VLX XL Worklog 02 – Construction

How to cut the wood, put it all together, sand it and get it ready for finishing (paint/lacquer).

VLX XL Worklog 01 – Design and Materials

The VLX XL is a custom case that I built for my newly acquired 1 Player Taito Vewlix arcade control panel. Learn about the design features and the materials required to build one yourself in this Worklog.

Dual Mod a Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition using Toodles ChImp

How-to Dual Mod a Mad Catz FightStick Arcade Tournament Edition using Toodles ChImp.

Off to the Races

I created my own Imperial Unit version of an R-Pod, dubbed the D-Pod. Read a little about it and check out what else I found (spoiler alert: it’s a home made racing arcade cabinet)!