Vewlix Tournament Edition Worklog 08

Creating the Vewlix top marquee


Step 1: Cutting the Acrylic Sheet

Cut 2 pieces of acrylic that are 297mm x 204mm.

Cracked acrylic

If you fiddle with the Acrylic cutting tools, and are not patient enough to spend hours of your life scoring the acrylic, you will snap it.

I am not patient, so I ended up using a jigsaw with a blade for cutting fine metal.

Aligning artwork

Here you can see the acrylic is cut to size and ready for the ‘Binding Post’ fasteners.

Step 2: Cut the Metal J-Bead to size

Cut the 10′ of Metal J-Bead to be the same width as your acrylic: 403mm

Ready to drill the metal piece

In the above photo you can see mine cut to length.

Step 3: Drill the holes for the ‘Binding Post’ fasteners

On your acrylic, mark a place to drill the holes 10mm in from the right and left sides. 15mm up from the top and the bottom and somewhere in the center between your top and bottom holes in the sides.

Small hole drilled

I drilled a small hole in the metal (as well as acrylic) first.

Large hole drilled

Then used a 1/4″ drill bit to make the hole big enough for the fasteners.

Small holes drilled in acrylic

Small hole in acrylic. The circle was drawn by placing the metal J-Bend in place and tracing the holes I had already drilled in that to make sure it would line up properly.

Step 4: Attach the Metal J-Bend to your cabinet

Drill 3 holes in the bottom of the Metal J-Bend. Then line it up in the proper spot on the top of your cabinet and mark and drill 3 holes. Then use (3) 1″ drywall screws to attach it.

Drilled metal peice

Measuring for where to mount

I picked a spot 3/4″ back from the front bevel for the marquee to be mounted.

Looks centered

Then I measured and centered it horizontally.

Drill holes

And finally, drilled the 3 holes.

Step 5: Assemble the marquee

Align your artwork in the center of the bottom sheet of acrylic. You may want to use 2 small pieces of double sided tape to keep it from moving when sandwiching it between the 2 pieces of acrylic. Lastly, place one side of the ‘Binding Post’ fastener through the back of the 2 sheets of acrylic and screw the other side on to hold them together.

Preparing side cards

If you are using the Evil Ryu and Oni side cards, trace the holes in your acrylic onto the cards and the cut out the holes (a hole punch should work). This will hold them in position on the sides of the marquee

Back of assembled marquee

The fully assembled marquee w/ side cards. The top and middle ‘Biding Post’ fasteners are together. The bottom right and left only have the back through. That is how I attached it to the metal base previously screwed to the top of the cabinet.

Weather stripping chunks

I cut a couple of pieces of the weatherstripping tape and placed them between the back of the Metal J-Bend and the acrylic to keep them as far forward as possible.

Marquee installed!

Once you’ve screwed the bottom 2 ‘Binding Post’ fasteners together, this should be the finished product.

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  1. jinxz 15 August 2011 at 7:02 AM #

    Hi Donovan,

    Nice project!
    Where did you get that movelist marues from?
    Could you email me a link or the artwork?
    Much apreciated!

    Grtz, Jinxz

  2. ericleroi 26 June 2012 at 4:29 PM #

    Been a while since I paid a visit – too busy working sadly. Good job on the artwork holder 🙂

  3. BeWrong 24 July 2014 at 10:27 AM #


    I just wanted to request if you could possibly give a pdf plan for the control panel with the sticks. I know this is already asking too much but I’m currently making my own cab and im lost with making the control panel.


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