Want a Custom Vewlix kit? Ask Kray.

I have had several requests to either start selling kits or create cabinets for other people across the globe. It was always a hobby for me, and nothing I could ever do economically. Also, I have a full time job that keeps me pretty busy.

Vewlix kits being CNC machined

Thankfully Kray in Fort Worth, Texas seems to be answering your call. A Twitter update from Jaleel Beck who runs the great Focus Attack web store led me to his website:

Kray’s Custom Vewlix website on Blogspot

So, if you’ve checked out the information on my site and found it too daunting a task to build your own cabinet, kindly contact Kray and see what he can do for you with one of his excellent looking, CNC machined kits.

From Kray’s website:

I have two versions: one using the TE layout (TE sticks not included) and one using the custom two players control panel. This is an empty cabinet with no buttons, joystick, speaker ect……

The control panel will come fully assembled. All you have to do is bolt the bottom cabinet and screw in all the screws. You still have to sand it down to fill in the crack with spackling paste or bondo, and you also will have to spend a whole lot of time sanding and priming in preparation for painting.

TE version for $450.
Custom 2 player version for $475.
All the kit will be made out of MDF only.
Both version will accept most standard 32″ LCD.
If your TV is bigger than these dimensions it won’t fit 32x4x21.5

Estimate shipping is $185-$240 anywhere in the US.
Please email [Kray] for actual cost.

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  1. michael arient 19 January 2011 at 10:07 AM #

    i am interested in purchasing vewlix cabinet from you please respond.

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