FREE Street Fighter x Tekken ‘Mobile Moves’ List Web App

I’ve created a free Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile Moves list web application that you can run from any mobile device’s web browser and even add to your home screen to function like a native application.

Vewlix Tournament Edition Worklog 08

After 2 years, I’m back with another Worklog. Spurred on by my Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition move list translation, I went about creating the marquee for the cabinet.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition English Move Lists

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is here! Download translated/localized move lists for your Vewlix or Vewlix Tournament Edition.

Want a Custom Vewlix kit? Ask Kray.

Kray in Fort Worth, Texas seems to be selling custom, CNCed Vewlix kits. Check him out!

PDF of Vewlix Tournament Edition Plans

I promised to make some PDF Vewlix Tournament Edition Plans, but thankfully I didn’t need to as at the same time Chris (x24) offered to send me the ones he made.

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